Microsoft always comes with the developer friendly revolutions. To make & utilise the power of Artificial intelligence and machine learning in our application, Microsoft came up with simple API integration / SDK’s which can be seamlessly integrated with our apps. Microsoft has been democratic the Artificial intelligence and Machine learning in the name of azure cognitive services.

By the utilisation of azure cognitive services, we will be able to use the image recognition services in a CCTV video feed, sentiment analysis, speech language translations, time series analysis etc in a quick turnaround time and accurately without much data science knowledge. Azure cognitive services can be utilised by developers and data scientist seamlessly. It is designed for everyone. Azure Cognitive Services is basically categorised into 5.


Speech to Text – there are 100 of applications which are used for generating speech to text over a decade now. but accuracy and language availability was a major concern. The Speech service in azure will help you to do accurately covert the speech to text in more than 100+ language in a lightning speed. This service will help you to do accurately transcribe from various sources which includes directly from microphones, audio files and from your storages also.

Text to Speech – Similarly the Azure cognitive services provide a text to speech capability with more than 100+ languages

Speech Translation – Provides high accurate speech translation from one language to another.

Speaker Recognition – it helps to identify the speaker based on the voice received.


Entity recognition – In the azure cognitive Services, Entity recognition is a key feature that will help you to identifying the Identify key terms and phrases, understand sentiments, and build conversational interfaces into applications. This will help you to Annotate, train, evaluate, and deploy customisable models using Cognitive Service for Language without machine-learning expertise.

Sentiment analysis – this will help you to identify the sentiments and opinions from the text automatically. It will help to build powerfully solution for analysing the social media contents and help to revolutionise the customer experience.

Question Answering & Translator are the typically other features offered by azure Cognitive services.


Computer Vision is always a trending area in AI & ML. azure Cognitive services enables content analysis in image and video. Also, it comes with custom vision api which can be easily customed for our Business needs, also provide a detailed API for face API, which is helpful to identify the faces in an image or video stream.


Anomaly Detector will help you to identify the anomaly is a time series data. This will help you to identify the issues in the system in a faster manner.

Benefits of Cognitive Services

  • Use of customisable predefined models. 
  • Scalable and deployable anywhere, cloud or edge. 
  • can be easily integrated using any of the famous programming languages and frameworks. 


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